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Pokémon Sword & Shield Ultra Premium Collection Charizard UPK UPC DE

Pokémon Sword & Shield Ultra Premium Collection Charizard UPK UPC DE

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Pokemon Ultra Premium Collection Glurak

The Sword & Shield and the era of Pokémon V, Pokémon VMAX, and Pokémon VSTAR have sparked powerful strategies. Now you can take your game even further with the help of a fiery fellow who can wield all that power for himself: Charizard makes this ultra-premium collection glow, appearing on three beautifully embossed foil promo cards that your opponents turn to rubble and ash!

Charizard V leads the trio with its Combust attack, which not only does damage to your opponent's Active Pokémon, but also removes any Pokémon Gear attached to it. This card can then evolve into the fearsome looking Charizard VMAX. Its Giga Fire Flight attack does have a high cost — three Fire Energy and two Colorless Energy — and you have to discard two Energy from your Pokémon when you use the attack. However, the whopping 300 damage it deals is worth it.

You can also evolve Charizard-V into Charizard-VSTAR. The colorful depiction of Charizard battling Mewtwo is a feast for the eyes. His attacks are also very impressive! Explosive Fire does 130 damage, and does an additional 100 damage if Charizard VSTAR has any damage counters on it. The Pokémon's VSTAR Power Blaze of Stars requires you to discard two Energy from the Pokémon, but it does a devastating 320 damage to do so.

In addition to these incredible promo cards, Charizard's Gigantamax form is showcased in all its glory on a gamemat, coin, and card sleeve set. Metal dice and condition tokens complete this ultimate set of gaming accessories. And when you open the massive stack of booster packs from this collection, a journey through the Sword & Game instructions sign full of illustrations and data!

The ultra-premium Charizard collection from the Sword & Pokémon TCG Shield includes:

  • 3 embossed foil promo cards: Charizard V, Charizard VMAX, and Charizard VSTAR
  • Gaming mat with Gigantamax Charizard
  • 65 card sleeves featuring Gigantamax Charizard
  • Coin with Gigantamax Charizard
  • 6 metal damage counter dice
  • 2 Metal Special Condition Tokens
  • VSTAR plastic brand
  • 16 Sword & Pokémon TCG shield
  • How to play the entire Sword & Sign
  • Code card that can be used in either Pokémon TCG Online or Pokémon TCG Live
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